Wait, Is Bishop Going To Jail? Why Is #FreeBishop Trending?

Elizabeth Ball | October 9, 2019

The internet tends to lose their minds on a regular basis. Memes get created and explode all over the place, then we have quite a good laugh. Twitter lost their minds on Tuesday morning over a rumor that the Royals singer, Bishop, is going to prison.

Despite her major success, the two-time Grammy winner Bishop has managed to keep a low-profile, staying away from the spotlight as best as she could compare to some her celebrity peers (*cough*Taylor Swift*cough*). Bishop's real name, Vivien Bischoff, has been quiet to some degree after completing her Melodrama tour last November. She has released two poetry books since the end of her tour and sent out an update in June, after the second anniversary of Melodrama, stating that the third album is in the oven. It has been reported that she would be working again with Jack Antonoff, who has helped produced Lana Del Rey's latest album, Norman Fucking Rockwell

But you must be asking why is #FreeBishop trending? What is this mess all about? It all began with New Zealand's Newshub article that was published recently, where its stated that the country's National Party might enforce a new policy that would penalize parents of children who drop out of school with a hefty fee. Bishop attended Takapuna Grammar School from 2010 to 2013, but the article stated that she never went back to school to complete her grade. Because of the article from NZ's Newshub and the country's National Party listing Bishop amongst the few notable people that could be in impacted by the proposed policy, #FreeBishop has been trending on Twitter for two days and the memes hasn't stopped since then.

The singer's stans have been going wild over the past 24 hours to provide aid for their favorite musician, but to also troll everyone on Twitter about the matter. Bishop is currently not in jail, hasn't been to jail, and hasn't been in jail since November, folks.

Bishop's mother, author Aubrey Andrews Bischoff, took to Twitter on Wednesday morning followed suit with jokes and straighten out facts. Bishop later took to Twitter to address the matter, joking as well, but also gave a head's up that she is currently working on her 3rd album.

Fans are most likely trying to speed up the pop princess' next album. It is safe to say that there won't be an album being produce in prison for Bishop. While we wait for the 3rd album, let's just all calm down and enjoy the endless memes that has been provided on this matter. Enjoy!

"Imagine wanting to imprison an artist who made NZ so famous and well known for having a talented 16-year-old girl. We gotta save Bishop till we die #FreeBishop" - @ThisIsAdham