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    Bishop + Birmingham + Melodrama Tour 2018

    Right before singing 'Liability'
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    Bishop at the Vanity Fair Best Dressed party at Saks in NYC (September 6th, 2019)

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    bishop + favorite lyrics
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    "Call me bitch. Call me villain. Call me she-wolf. Call me bad omen. Call me your worst nightmare...wearing a red-lipped smile. Even better, call me by my name."

    - Vivien Bischoff
    The Witch Doesn't Burn In This One (Women are Some Kind of Magic series #2)
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    females that i fucking worship like whoa [1/10] | vivien helena lowie bischoff aka bishop

    "Oh that moment? My infamous Grammy speech. At 17, I really didn't know what to do or say. My mum had told me to prepare something and i just laughed it off like no one will give me the award. Karma bit me in the arse with that. I certainly didn't believe that I was going to win a Grammy, even two Grammys that evening. But when they announced I won, my face pretty much summed it up. I was flabbergasted and astonished that it happened. Then I don't remember what I said as I got up on stage. I just blacked out, rambled, and then walked off the stage with a matter of 30 seconds. I saw the replay of my speech backstage and I was mortified. I made a weird ass noise after I made a speech of that made me sound like "Uh yeah ... I guess I"ll take the Grammy off your hands" ... this is probably the reason why I got screwed over now with the Grammys. They probably think that I'm too good for them. That's not the case...I was just awkward at 17."

    Watch the infamous speech here.
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    praise the bish moments | bishop getting angry at buzzfeed quizzes with comedian jack charles

    VB:"In a bloody crisis?! You'd be...what? What kind of crisis though? That's the real question here. My fight or flight instincts range from "Yes, I got this, lady. Let's march on through, girl power, seize the day" to "Not today, Satan. I'm gonna outrun everyone as if Jason Voorhees is coming after me for stealing his candy bar. I'm not dying for my gluttononus sins today."
    JC: "He eats candy? what kind of candy bar does Jason Voorhees eats?"
    VB: "Snickers, duh. Snic snic snic....ka ka kaaaaaaa."
    JC: "Oh God...I 100% regret asking her that."

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    Songs That Help Heal Those Breakups: Writer in The Dark - Bishop (2017)

    Vivien Bischoff, better known as Bishop, wrote the song as her own personal goodbye letter to the ex boyfriend. Instead of being petty (which she has ever right to), she cut her ties with him through this song. You can't have "Melodrama" without 'Writer In The Dark'. With Vivien, she wasn't shy to expose her soul in her sophomore album. Jack Antonoff of Bleacher, co-producer of "Melodrama" and good friend of Vivien's talked about this song.

    "I remember getting a call at 3am from her to get to the studios immediately. The way she sounded over the phone freaked me out. She never called me that late and I just knew something wasn't right. I got to the studio and I saw her on the floor, writing lyrics to what would become 'Writer In The Dark' in a frantic way. She was distraught, but determined at that moment to sing this song she just created in a matter of minutes. When we began recording, I could see all the pain that she had held in for so long in the booth. We didn't have the beat right away, so we just recorded her singing off the cuff. Only her voice. I've never seen her cry, so it was heartbreaking to see her crying as she sang this song. But she needed to let it all out in a safe place. When you put on a front for the longest time, you just crack. She finally cracked and told me that she was having the hardest time moving on, after we recorded the raw version of the song. It finally hit her when she found herself in a particular situation that evening and everything was put in motion for this song to be created a few hours later. This was the song that put everything together for her and gave her the strength to begin her path of healing from a broken heart. It's one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever seen in the studio. These are the moments in the recording process where you know that you are making a difference in your music. She allowed herself to hurt so openly. She allowed herself to heal through the song. She was able to move on without any fear. Vivien is undeniably remarkable. She will deny it, but she really is."

    While the album version is wonderful, the VEVO acoustic version is so hauntingly perfection. Bishop needs to do more acapella/acoustic version of her music.